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Management Committee

Delivering and supporting 2024

Danny Cook


Danny Cook, a resident of Cambooya near Toowoomba, QLD, spends his days managing his Commercial Construction and Fit-outs company called Cooper Commercial.

As for a quote that resonates with him, Danny finds inspiration in the words of Winston S. Churchill: “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” This quote reminds him to stay focused on his goals and not get distracted by minor obstacles.

When it comes to his motivation for joining the ASCA Board, Danny believes in the importance of preserving traditions and contributing to the growth of rural Australia. He sees the Stockmans Challenge as a symbol of high-quality horsemanship and aims to play a part in furthering this tradition.

Looking ahead to 2024, Danny’s main goal is to win one of the upcoming challenges. He remains determined and is willing to put in the effort to achieve success, regardless of which challenge it may be.

Robyn Drake


Robyn Drake, a resident of Mount Walker, QLD, leads a diverse and fulfilling professional life. Her day job involves a blend of farm work, working with horses, and consulting for a Relocation Specialist company in Brisbane. Embracing variety, she finds that it adds spice to her life and keeps things interesting.

A quote that resonates with Robyn is, “The past is in your head, the future is in your hands.” This quote serves as a reminder to focus on the present moment and take control of shaping one’s own future.

Robyn’s motivation to join the ASCA Board stems from her passion for the sport of Stockman’s Challenges. She appreciates the daily opportunity to contribute, connect with like-minded individuals, and work towards the progressive growth of this sport. Being involved in something she loves while surrounded by a community that shares her vision makes her involvement all the more rewarding.

Looking ahead to 2024, Robyn has some exciting plans. She aims to learn the craft of plaiting leather belts, further develop her horsemanship skills, and strive to master the skill of selecting a beast in the camp—a skill that requires precision and finesse. These goals reflect her continuous desire for personal growth and improvement within her chosen pursuits.

Sally Stevenson

Events Management

Sally Stevenson is a passionate events manager based in Gundy, near Scone. While her day job involves working on a cattle and horse stud, her true passion lies in organizing and coordinating successful events.

One quote that resonates deeply with Sally is, “Work until your idols become your rivals.” This quote drives her to continuously strive for excellence and push her boundaries.

Sally’s motivation to join the ASCA Management Team stems from her desire to give back to a sport that she loves. She recognizes the importance of creating opportunities for athletes and enhancing the overall experience for participants and spectators alike.

Looking ahead, Sally has exciting plans for 2024. Her primary focus is to make the Hunter Challenge even bigger and better. Additionally, she aims to contribute to the creation of more ASCA-affiliated challenges, especially in New South Wales. Through these endeavours, Sally hopes to elevate the sport of events management and create memorable experiences for all involved.

Michael Wilson

board member-RULES

Michael Wilson, a resident of Gunnedah, NSW, shared insights about his life and aspirations in a recent Q&A.

He described his day job as involving working with horses and farm tasks. When asked about a quote that resonates with him, Michael mentioned “Give credit where credit is due.” This principle seems to guide his actions and mindset.

When questioned about his motivation for joining the ASCA Board, he expressed his belief in the significant potential for challenges in Australia. Looking ahead to 2024, Michael revealed his plans to initiate a challenge in Narrabri and organize more events in NSW, demonstrating his commitment to promoting and expanding this thrilling activity.

Wendy Pownall

wet work committee

Wendy Pownall, a dedicated equestrian enthusiast, resides in the picturesque town of MONTO, QLD. While she helps manage commercial beef properties as her day job, her true passion lies in breeding and training horses. Wendy always finds time to ride, as she believes it is essential for the soul.

“One thing I don’t do is try to keep up. I do my own thing, stay in my own lane, and ride my own wave” is a quote that deeply resonates with Wendy. It reflects her independent spirit and her commitment to staying true to herself while pursuing her equestrian endeavors.

Motivated by her family’s long-standing tradition of donating cattle to local campdrafts and challenges, Wendy joined ASCA with the aim of raising awareness about cattle and horse welfare within the growing sport. She recognizes the importance of ensuring the well-being of these beautiful creatures and wants to contribute to their welfare in every way possible.

Looking ahead to 2024, Wendy has an exciting pipeline of activities planned. She intends to support judges clinics, further expand her participation in challenges, and gain more knowledge and experience along the way. With a philosophy of “Enjoy the ride,” Wendy embraces every opportunity to learn, grow, and immerse herself in the world of equestrian sports.

Karl DeHaen

wet work committee

Karl DeHaen, an accomplished equine chiropractor, is based in the charming town of Murgon, QLD. With his passion for animal wellness and his dedication to his craft, Karl has become a sought-after professional in the equestrian community.

During his day job, Karl focuses on providing top-notch chiropractic care to horses, ensuring their optimal musculoskeletal health. With a deep understanding of the equine body and extensive training in chiropractic techniques, Karl aims to enhance horses’ overall well-being and performance.

“Treat people the way you want to be treated” is a quote that deeply resonates with Karl. This philosophy guides his interactions not only with his clients but also with fellow equestrians and colleagues. Karl believes in fostering a culture of respect, empathy, and fairness, creating a positive environment for everyone involved in the equestrian community.

Motivated by a strong sense of responsibility towards riders’ safety and animal welfare, Karl joined the ASCA Management Committee. He recognized the need to contribute to the development and implementation of safety protocols and animal welfare standards within the sport. Karl’s expertise and passion make him an invaluable asset to the committee as they work towards ensuring the well-being of both riders and their equine partners.

Looking ahead to 2024, Karl has an exciting pipeline of activities. He plans to attend more challenges to further refine his skills and broaden his horizons in the field of equine chiropractic. Additionally, Karl is thrilled to be a part of the ASCA’s development journey, where he can actively contribute to shaping the future of the sport.

Brett Welsh

board member - RULES

Brett Welsh, a dedicated horseman with a knack for working thoroughbreds and performance horses. Alongside his expertise in equine care, Brett also takes on the responsibility of keeping the farm running smoothly.

“If you want what others want, you have to do what others won’t” is a quote that resonates deeply with Brett. It reflects his unwavering commitment to going above and beyond in order to achieve remarkable results. Brett’s determination and willingness to take on challenges set him apart from the crowd.

Motivated by the passionate efforts of individuals like Ron Wall, and after being approached to join the board, Brett gladly accepted the opportunity to contribute to the preservation and expansion of Stockmans Challenges. He recognizes the significance of upholding traditions while also seeking avenues for growth and innovation within the sport.

Looking ahead, Brett is committed to ensuring the longevity and success of Stockmans Challenges. His desire to keep the traditions alive while expanding the reach of these events drives his involvement in the board. Through his dedication, Brett aims to create memorable experiences for participants while fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared passion.

2024 Management Committee
Chairman  Danny Cook
Honorary Life Members Doug O’Neill & Barbara Challacombe
Secretary Robyn Drake
Treasurer Nikki Hoffman
Committee Michael Wilson,  Sally Stevenson, Bomber Lancaster, Brett Welsh, Wendy Pownall, Karl Dehaen & Felicity Burton