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Our story
Established in July 2013

Our commitment is to assist existing Challenge committee’s; embrace new committee’s, encourage improved horsemanship, develop youth and provide a platform to showcase our talented Under 5yr old horses.

Our commitment and vision is to continue to grow the discipline of Stockman’s Challenges for the mutual benefit of all involved be they a breeder, owner, trainer, rider, professional or non-professional.

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The Five Pillars of ASCA

Providing a structure of support and standards of governance that maximise the reliability and integrity of ASCA as an organisation.

Communication capabilities that will inform membership and encourage growth.

Continuous improvements in the outcomes for judging, rules and animal welfare.

Partner with committees to strategically build interest in the brand, people, horses, and sport of the Stockmen’s Challenge.

Create partnerships with private and government organisations that support the goals of the sport.