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Frequent Asked Questions


Most frequent questions and answers

If you would like to be a member of ASCA you can join directly on the website by Clicking Here.

We welcome applications from all committees and events, you can find out more information by Clicking Here.

You sure do, this covers both you as the competitor and the event holder.  You can join to be a member of ASCA on the website under by Clicking Here.

You will be able to find all dress requirements in the Rules and Regulations.  

Headwear:  Australian / Western style hats are to be worn whilst competing. Helmets are are optional, although it is recommended they be worn during the cattle work phase. All riders under the age of 18 years are required to wear a riding helmet when mounted on a horse, anywhere on the grounds at an ASCA affiliated event. 

Clothing:  Long Sleeve button up shirt with a collar, with the sleeves buttoned down. Jeans or moleskins. No jodhpurs. Men are required to wear a tie. Women may wear a scarf, to replace a tie. 

Boots:  Riding boots that enable the foot to come free of the stirrup iron, that prevents the foot from sliding through the stirrup iron.  Covered shoes should be worn whenever handling horses.

Our ASCA Rules & Regulations are available here on our website ready for you to download or print.

The horse and rider classes are listed in the Rules & Regulations.  These are available here on our website ready for you to download or print.

You will be able to find all dress requirements in the Rules and Regulations.  

Headgear:  One ear bridles and double headstall bridles are not to be used.   Any other Australian / Western style bridle (including reins) of your personal choice is acceptable. In all phases a snaffle bit must be used. This must be free rolling, loose ring snaffle with a single join (two-piece bit) with a smooth mouthpiece (a sweet iron may be used). Bit must be no thinner than 3/8 (9.5mm) measured against the cheek. A bar ortube bit may be used if the ring is free rolling. Ring must measure no more than 4’’ (100mm) in diameter. No twisted wires or sharp edges allowed. A bit check will be completed in all phases of competition by a Gate Marshal.  

Saddle: Australian type stock saddle with knee pads and no horn. Competitors are allowed to use a back girth. 

Not Allowed: Tie-downs or martingales of any description, nosebands or any other artificial device are not to be used.

You can reach the Management Committee via our Contact Us page.