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New Members


Per Year
$ 59
00 Adult
  • $40 Children
  • $59 Adult


Per Year
$ 120
00 Per Year
  • Two Adults
  • Six Children

Single Event

One event only
$ 80
00 Family
  • $35 Adult
  • $25 Children

Memberships can either be purchased for an Individual, or a Family (which covers your membership year running from October 1st to September 30th) or for a Single Event.  Children are either a) Juvenile – 13 Years and under 17 years, or b) Junior – 8 Years and under 13 years, or c) Mini – 7 Years and under. Juvenile, Junior & Mini age on October 1st.  For example, if your child is 13 years or older on October 1st then they are a Juvenile.

Existing Members

If  you are already a member of ASCA, you can access your membership details by clicking here!