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2021 – A promising year!

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There is no doubt 2020 has been a challenging year. The pandemic not only put a halt on every day life as we knew it, but too put a stop to the multitude of Challenge events planned for the year that suddenly had to be postponed.

Now, with the pandemic starting to settle and the light at the end of the tunnel starting to appear, committees and event organisers are able to look ahead to hosting their 2021 events. It’s been great to see some events return to the scene and the ASCA hope to see the Challenge events following suit.

With 2020 events sat on the sideline, the well prepared Classic horses have sadly missed the opportunity to show throughout the season. With that being said, the *new* Derby challenge and premiership aimed at under 6 year old horses, is envisioned to be a welcomed event in 2021.

As the new year draws closer we hope it arrives like the turning of a new leaf, with plenty of cattle put around the pegs, big stops and plenty of ‘Cheers’ at the bar catching up with friends new and old alike.

If your committee is looking at running a 2021 event, contact the board today for an information pack and affiliation form.

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